Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I love black women

Black women are the reason why I am here, my mother, grandmother are some of my biggest support systems. Black women in my life are the most loving and affectionate people that I know. Black women are strong but at the same time soft and feminine, they speak their minds but make a man feel like a man. Black women have stood by black men throughout all of our struggles as black people so I'm here to say thank you. Know that you are beautiful, don't listen to the brainwashed brothas out here because they do not represent all black men. Many of us love and appreciate you.I love a black woman's expressive beautiful smiles and genuine laugh.
I love the full lips, light skin to dark chocolate skin, natural hair. Black women are queens.



  2. I got a lot of luv & respect for what you are doing :) I am a Native American male (Well half but still I ID with that, not the white blood.) who grew up in South Los Angeles & I am outraged by the Euro Centric beauty standards as well.

    I believe that our cultures have a lot in common. We are both the most oppressed in this country. Frankly, we (American Indians) are the most as far as America but the black race is the most oppressed in the world.

    Anyway growing up in Watts, I had a Hip Hop sense of how men should have their hair & I tried to think that because of the fade tht maybe Native American men should stop using our customs of long haired men.

    But then, my cousin is still living there and he just ties it in a ponytail. He looks good & itss still very Hip Hop style.

    Anyway, the white beauty standards affected us too. We were called heathens and forced to cut our hair. Even though their pictures were of a white man with a beard & long hair! That was how they drew Jesus! We were also forced to dress like them as well.

    So it wasn't the same type of hair oppression but it was still oppresive nonethless

    I have always hoped 2 bring Native Americans & African Americans together in solidarity nation wide.

    As Malcolm X put it, "It is time to stop hiding under white hair."

    Anyway I have thought black women were beautiful on the inside & out.

  3. & its a shame that many black men overlook tehir own women 4 a white woman. Its sad when anybody does it. We have sellouts in Native American culture too. Apples. Red on the outside red on the inside

  4. wow, @africanspirit420, i love your passion... and i have never heard of or even met a native american with your position on this subject....fascinating...

  5. @africanspirit420, I too love your passion, as Priscilla put it. you sound like a beautiful man and you are right we do have a lot in common. A great deal of native Americans during slavery days took in our runaway slaves and brought them into their tribes. My paternal grandfather parents were Blackfoot native Americans and my paternal grandmother was also native American. It is sad that a lot of my people do not know our history, and you are right the African Americans is oppressed all over the world. I am very proud of the man who is representing America as our president. May God Bless you!